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Selling off the plan soon? 12 tips and harsh realities before going into marketing & sales.

Understand the emotion you are evoking in the images.

Lighting and weather have a huge impact on the mood the design represents.

Overcast days can feel quiet and peaceful.

Sunny days can feel exciting and energising.

Sunset with warm red and orange tones can feel romantic and idealistic.

Sunrise with cool blue tones can feel refreshing and new.

The Simpsons clouds can feel relatable and homely.

Less is more

Focus on the 1 or 2 things that sell the space.

A wide-angle lens trying to capture everything distracts the potential buyer.

Filling a space with lots of accessories is another distraction

What is the USP

Knowing the unique selling points helps to target the audience.

The local area and the views are typically number 1.

A unique design concept with the view. This clarifies the buyers' thinking and supports the sales copy.

Start with the Macro. Exterior - Aerial and or Street views, public and privates spaces.

Support with Micro. Interior - Kitchen, Living, Dinning, Bedroom, Bathroom and unique details.


Sounds obvious however, the less time a render takes, the quicker you can start selling.

Find a team that knows what you are trying to achieve, the associated costs, and why you need to start selling yesterday.

Confirm their workflow. Drafts, comments and update process and delivery.

Multiple iterations wastes time and money and creates frustrations. 2 - 3 Drafts are best practice.


Renders are relatively inexpensive.

Consider how well they help sales when investing in a set of quality renders.

Negotiate costs and the amount of renders required, most 3D companies sincerely want your project to succeed when they are passionate.

Most 3D companies ask for a 50% deposit and 50% payment on delivery.

Local or Overseas suppliers

Communications are the foundations to beautiful renders.

Australian companies typically understand cultural norms.

if briefed incorrectly, OS teams can miss the nuances of Australian Architecture, lighting, design and look and feel.

Ask how they communicate visually

Is it only written? what about verbally and visually?

Make sure they have a proven communications plan & system. (Written, Visual & Meetings)

Ask How often they send updates or check in.

Once per week is a bare minimum.

Are they organised? how do they organise your project?

Do they have a meeting agenda and send renders or updates beforehand?

Alignment with your why.

Ask how they bring value and experience to your project and not selling you pointless renders that line their pockets.

The size of a room is absolute.

Space Is Intrinsic, It is written on the plan.

No photography technique can alter its dimensions and sell a lie.

Good design sells.

Choose a good architect who understands sound design principles and has a history of great design. Good architects are worth their weight in gold.

Use your 3D Render company skills to help projects through Council.

A good 3D rendering firm understands Council processes and can assist with ideas and Rapid prototyping.

We hope this helps with your next project!

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