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Pros and cons of using CGI or Photomontage renders

Firstly, what is a CGI and Photomontage render?

- A photomontage is a 3D render overlayed onto a photograph, usually done in Photoshop or Affinity Photo2.

- It is used in Aerial and Superman-style marketing images and is necessary for eye-level Council submissions and stakeholder engagement.

- In contrast, a CGI Render is created entirely inside a 3D program such as 3DS Max, rendered and touched up in Photoshop or Affinity Photo2.

CGI Pros:

Increased Control;

- Adjustable weather conditions, including season and mood

- Lighting control, such as time of day and interior lighting balance

- Control of the camera, including the position, height and distance from the USP or interest points

- Control of the image size

- Minimal or No Photographic cost

- Faster to create (8 times out of 10)

CGI Cons:

- The Context and the surroundings can look unrealistic if budgets don't allow for careful recreation.

Photomontage Render Pros:

- A Photomontage can include as much or as little of the surrounding buildings and context; however, this can also be a con in some circumstances where the context, as mentioned above, is uninspiring.

Photomontage Render Cons:

- Existing site conditions can prohibit clear site lines

- Additional photography and management costs

- Extra time is required to organise and make the existing conditions look good.

- Potentially unpredictable or unreliable weather conditions

- The physical camera dictates the size of the render

Hope this helps contribute to the success of your next project.

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