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Haven Northbridge

Located in the prestigious suburb of Northbridge in Sydney, Haven project from boutique developer Blanc Black offers more than just a property. Luda Studios created a selection of renders and animations to provide an engaging visual experience and bring the space to life.

Luda Studios Case Study: Haven Northbridge

At Luda Studios, we love collaborating with our clients and tailoring our approach to find an effective and visually compelling narrative to align with our client’s vision.

For Haven Northbridge project in north-east Sydney, we sat down with boutique developer Blanc Black to discuss and understand what was most important to their design in our kick-off meeting for this Premier tier project.

Haven project is located in a prestigious suburb, surrounded by lush natural landscape alongside a creek - with this setting, it was important to showcase and incorporate the existing atmosphere of tranquillity created by the surrounding leafy vegetation adjacent to the site.

With our client’s project tagline ‘Refined Living Inspired by Nature’ in mind, we worked together to find the best approach to visually illustrate the space and architecture combined with the landscape, materials, light and breadth offered by the site. To ensure that the look and feel of the site is captured in the final renders, we organised ground and aerial photography and video to visualise the space and guide us in the design process.

Our collaborative process started with the White Cards draft, where all key elements are shown without added textures to allow us to focus on the space and select the best angles for the project. We then refined the images by adding textures, materials and furnishings, giving our client an indicative sense of their design to facilitate decision-making for the next design phase.

In the development stage, we assisted our client in creating and selecting a range of material palettes to complement their design and expand the range of offerings to potential buyers.

In addition to the final renders, we also created animation clips showcasing different areas of the site, a great complement to architectural visualisation project, providing an engaging visual experience and bringing the space to life.

With all the angles and design elements approved, we refined the final images with finishing touches to ensure every detail was in place. The final images and animation were highly detailed and a realistic representation of our client’s vision, attention to detail was key at every step—no compromises.

The success of Northbridge demonstrates the value of our collaborative process where we work alongside our clients in visually communicating their ideas and bringing their vision of the future to life.

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The Luda Studios team


“The vision for Haven Northbridge was to capture the essence of living with nature. The natural amenity of Sailors Bay Creek and the majestic trees provide a tranquil setting for simple yet sophisticated residences. What we have curated here is more than just property. It’s a lifestyle.” Luke Kim, Director BLANC BLACK


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