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Luda Studios’ assist clients to visually communicate their ideas and vision of the future. 

Our services include 3D artist impressions, 3D animation, property fly-throughs, virtual reality and 360 panoramas for DA, CA, stakeholder and off-the-plan marketing.

We work with Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Land subdivisions & Engineering visionaries.


1 to 5 Week Project Delivery


Luda Studios is Australia’s fastest architectural visualisation studio.


To deliver quality at speed, we've handpicked a team of 236 highly skilled 3D artists who use our proprietary Ai technology and unique workflow. This scale ensures exceptional quality and fast turn-around, delivering renders in half the time of other studios. Luda Studios’ average project timeline is just three to five weeks. 



  • Proprietary technology and unique workflow

  • 1 – 5 weeks average project delivery time

  • 236 highly skilled 3D artists




Unlimited Camera Angles


Luda Studios charges a fixed, one-time fee for unlimited camera angles of the 3D base model which includes furniture.


  • Unlimited camera angles for a low fixed fee

  • Up to 100 camera angles in just 3 – 5 weeks




Choose a Quality/Price Tier to Suit Your Budget


In an industry first, every project can be delivered in one of three-tier types (Premium Tier 1, Mid-range Tier 2 and Basic Tier 3) to suit our clients' project budget, time and quality requirements. This unique service offering ensures our clients’ wishes for either fast turn-around or high quality are met and matched to their budgets. 


  • Choose a project tier type according to your budget and quality requirements. View folio.

Call 1300 798 960 to discuss a tier and pricing option that best works for you.

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"Luda Studios were really great to work with. Their software platform made for a seamless review process and quick turnaround of renders. Would definitely use them again."

Matt Walton, Senior Development Manager

Hengyi Pacific

“Luda Studios’ process was seamless. Beautiful renders created in a really tight timeframe. Thanks so much for supporting us!”

Matt Austin, Development Director



"We found the Luda Studios process to be excellent – the team was highly responsive and the turnaround time was quick, feedback was addressed promptly and we were extremely happy with the quality of the final output."

Lauren Rielley, Marketing Manager

Little Projects




"Luda studios were very responsive in their dealings with MGS. They collaborated with us to find the right ‘atmosphere’ for the renderings and provided detailed advice throughout the workflow. The final images were delivered within a tight timeframe and were very well received by our client."

Chris Jones, Director

MGS Architects


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