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Customised renders, software and art direction to suit our client's style and tastes.

Luda Studios is a client and solution-focused render studio based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore.


We care about our client's success, 

To enable this success, we leverage technology, AI, agile methodology and a love for creating meaningful art.


We solve three marketing problems for Off-the-Plan Sales:

  1. Fast and efficient delivery.

  2. Cost-effective renders.

  3. Beautifully crafted renders with meaningful intent. 

Three quality-level Tiers: 

  1. Premier:   Premium marketing. 

  2. Tier One:   General Marketing.    

  3. Tier Two:   Council & Stakeholders.

Each tier supports different budgets, timeframes and target audiences.




Luda Studios creates photorealistic images and animations for Social Media, Web and Print.


  • 3D renders or artist impressions

  • 3D Animations

  • 3D floor plans 

  • 360° VR Panoramas and videos

  • Real-time visual Marketing Software

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)


Used for: 


  • Development Approval

  • Council Approval 

  • Stakeholder engagement & Approval

  • High-end off-the-plan marketing

  • Marketing collateral



"Hey Luke. We sold that commercial suite. Cgi was (a) deal clincher
Thanks mate Have a great weekend”

Matt Crews.

Sammut Group



Fantastic quality! Fast, and cost-effective. Luke from Luda Studios provides an incredible service. Highly recommend.

Lachlan Worthington. 

PropertyFox Real Estate


Luda Studios were really great to work with. Their software platform made for a seamless review process and quick turnaround of renders. Would definitely use them again.

Matt Walton, Senior Development Manager

Hengyi Pacific


Luda Studios’ process was seamless. Beautiful renders created in a really tight timeframe.

Thanks so much for supporting us!

Matt Austin, Development Director



We found the Luda Studios process to be excellent – the team was highly responsive and the turnaround time was quick, feedback was addressed promptly and we were extremely happy with the quality of the final output.

Lauren Rielley, Marketing Manager

Little Projects


Luda studios were very responsive in their dealings with MGS. They collaborated with us

to find the right ‘atmosphere’ for the renderings and provided detailed advice

throughout the workflow. The final images were delivered within a tight timeframe

and were very well received by our client.

Chris Jones, Director

MGS Architects



Client Logos Luda Studios

and many more





The premier tier supports beautiful, elegant marketing strategies with no compromises.

Where bespoke, highly detailed photo-realism and attention to detail is the priority.

Luda Studios_Sea_CGI_CGI_03-2_High_Res_Final.jpg
Luda Studios_Lehane Plaza_Cam_01_Final_Sml.jpg

Tier One


Tier 1 supports great marketing strategies with good-quality images. We focus on the essential elements to bring the images to life.

Tier Two


Tier 2 projects support budget-focused stakeholder and council Approvals.

Focusing on the key elements to gain stakeholder approval and turnaround times.

Luda Studios_Tonkin St_Cronulla_Cam 1_Aerial.jpg



Creating a narrative for buyers to relate, engage and complement renders and marketing collateral, Animations are key to unlocking the imagination of a buyers mind.

360° Panoramas, Virtual Tours, AR & VR


Perfect for creating an immersive experience without breaking the bank.  Combining static, or animated environments in VR Headsets & Platforms of your choice.

Luda Space in Safari on a MacBook Pro.png

3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans are a great addition to property marketing materials

that allow potential stakeholders and customers

to visualise the space.

Luda Space on a IPAD.jpeg
Luda Space Loading Animation

Virtual Display Suite


New to the industry Luda Space is a virtual display suite available anytime, on any web browser, anywhere in the world. 

Supporting your success

Collaborative workflow

We use a collaborative approach that enables open communication throughout the project’s lifecycle.

From White Cards to Drafts, Ludareview is a refreshing, easy-to-use web portal enabling full transparency to our process, centralising comments and feedback with all stakeholders so everyone feels listened to.

Go to Market faster

With our expertise, we aim to streamline the creative process and project workflow. Our structured approach ensures projects are managed and delivered efficiently so that our clients can bring their projects to market promptly. Our project delivery timeline is on average from 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

Tailored tiered products

Luda Studios offers tiered products and we can tailor our services to suit a variety of budgets and outputs. This unique service allows us to cater to a range of project requirements, prioritising the output to best suit the brief, timeframe and budget, with either a fast turnaround or high-quality output. 

More camera angles

Additionally, Luda Studios provides the option to choose unlimited camera angles of the 3D base model, including furniture, for a fixed fee. Our team can create up to 100 camera angles and

deliver in just 1 to 5 weeks.


How much do 3D renders cost?

We review each project individually, consider priorities, including budget, quality, timeframes and objectives.


Fees depend on:  

  • The quality tier (Premier, 1 or 2)

  • The size, location, and complexity

  • Marketing channels and outputs

  • Number of images and animations 

  • Deadlines, quality and timeframes for feedback


How many renders will I need?
This typically depends on: 

  • the location 

  • Competition in the local area 

  • marketing strategy

  • size


For example:

  • Low density = 2 - 5 renders 

  • Medium density = 5 - 15 renders and a 30-second animation marketing campaign and visually communicating a story or narrative.
    High density = 15+ renders. Additional images can be delivered throughout the project lifecycle. 30 - 60 seconds of Animation.

Quality typically prevails over quantity. However, perfection has impacts.


What Tier do I need?


  1. If Time and Cost are the concern:      Tier 2

  2. If Cost and Quality are the priority:    Tier 1

  3. If Quality is the priority:                         Premier Tier

Finding the right balance between budgets, timeframes, quality and supporting the sales strategy requires effective Collaboration from the beginning. 

How long does it take?​

  • A Premier Tier project with 2-5 renders takes approximately  5 - 8 weeks.

  • Tier 1 project with 2-5 renders takes approximately                    3 - 4 weeks.

  • Tier 2 project with 2-5 renders takes approximately                   1 - 3 weeks.

  • Max Priority                                                                                             2 - 5 days

Timeframes depend on information availability, design clarity, decision-making process and timely reviews.​


What is the process?

Typically 3D renders and animations are completed in 4 key steps + Delivery:

  1. Info collection: CAD plans, Finishes Schedules, briefing, reference images, target audience, demographic profiling, etc;

  2. Kick-off: online introduction to our team, the process and Ludareview. We cover the briefing, camera angles, lighting, time of day, priorities, examples & visual direction, photography and delivery.

  3. Stages and reviews: 2 - 4 stages, depending on the tier, White-card review to confirm the architectural intent,

  4. Colour Dafts 1 - 3 to fine-tune materials and finalise the image.

   +  Delivery:  digital delivery with a link to our online downloads.


How to choose a 3D rendering studio?
While we all work in a global community, look for a studio that aligns with your values and adapts to your project marketing moving requirements. We are lucky in Australia to have numerous world-class 3D studios and a plentiful supply of excellent artists who can adapt.

Look for a studio that creates an emotive story for your buyers, understands your project requirements, has 10+ years' of experience, an architectural and interior design background, is solution-focused, understands an effective way to communicate feedback and most importantly, is interested in your short and long-term success. 

Technology is rapidly changing in the architectural renders industry, leading to greater flexibility and more options for clients. Ensure to ask your studio about their workflow process and technology uses to ensure your solution aligns. 


Are People-made renders better than AI or text-to-image?

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Why Choose Luda Studios?
We care about your success.

The clock is ticking, developments are risky and expensive.

The time it's not on the market is an opportunity lost and another interest payment. 


We collaborate with our clients to find the perfect balance between time, costs and quality.

Where required, we share advice and devise a plan to leverage our experience, team skills and technology, all within a balanced economic, time-sensitive and quality-driven framework.

Assembling a diverse team of specialists from Australia and around the globe with backgrounds in interior design, architecture, 3D, photography, Film, TV, VFX and software Software developers to produce our work, we work to the schedule, mitigating risks and remining accountable.. 

Our project managers are Australian-based and manage every project across all states. Working within an agile, easy-to-follow review platform called Ludareview.


Who are the founders?

Andrew Dehnert:

Luke Hurdman:


Our Architectural Images, Animations and PropTech Marketing Software are enjoyed by Property Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Realestate Agents, Town Planners, Government and Creative agencies across all industries, including residential, industrial, retail, broad-acre, Land subdivisions, build-to-rent and commercial property. 

To learn more about Luda Studios,  Free call.  1300 798 960 or

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