Luda Studios’ assist clients to visually communicate their ideas and vision of the future. 

Our services include 3D artist impressions, 3D animation, property fly-throughs, virtual reality and 360 panoramas for DA, CA, stakeholder and off-the-plan marketing.

We work with Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Land subdivisions & Engineering visionaries.


1 to 5 Week Project Delivery


Luda Studios is Australia’s fastest architectural visualisation studio.


To deliver quality at speed, we've handpicked a team of 236 highly skilled 3D artists who use our proprietary Ai technology and unique workflow. This scale ensures exceptional quality and fast turn-around, delivering renders in half the time of other studios. Luda Studios’ average project timeline is just three to five weeks. 



  • Proprietary technology and unique workflow

  • 1 – 5 weeks average project delivery time

  • 236 highly skilled 3D artists




Unlimited Camera Angles


Luda Studios charges a fixed, one-time fee for unlimited camera angles of the 3D base model which includes furniture.


  • Unlimited camera angles for a low fixed fee

  • Up to 100 camera angles in just 3 – 5 weeks




Choose a Quality/Price Tier to Suit Your Budget


In an industry first, every project can be delivered in one of three-tier types (Premium Tier 1, Mid-range Tier 2 and Basic Tier 3) to suit our clients' project budget, time and quality requirements. This unique service offering ensures our clients’ wishes for either fast turn-around or high quality are met and matched to their budgets. 


  • Choose a project tier type according to your budget and quality requirements. View folio.

Call 1300 798 960 to discuss a tier and pricing option that best works for you.


Luke Hurdman


t: 1300 798 960

e: info@ludastudios.com.au

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